About us

Urban Development Group (UDG) – a property investment, development and management company specializing in residential and commercial property development in CEE countries. The business was founded as a number of privately-held companies and investments mostly in residential property in 2008 and structured into a group of companies with same investors in 2015. UDG boasts over EUR 35 million worth of property developments in its five years of operation. The group has currently 7 hectares of land under development for residential and commercial purposes.

Operating as an integrated property development provider, UDG’s business activities cover land identification and acquisition, planning, financing, resource management, project marketing, building design and construction of residential developments, commercial offices, industrial buildings and retail centers.

In Ukraine the company carries out its investment activity through SPV Corporate Investment Fund UDG, which is registered as a public stock company and acquires funds for development via a share issue. Specialization of investment fund - financing of development projects such as residential buildings, complexes and quarters, investments objects are property rights for residential and commercial premises. UDG invests in projects if it is able to have major influence on a project’s concept, working with best architects and consultants.

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